WWDC24 wishlist

Jun 9, 2024

Apple logo, with a blue, orange & purple gradient, glowing along it's border. The words "WWDC24 Wishlist" are centered below the Apple logo. The background of the image is black.

& just like that, another WWDC is right around the corner! Sharing these is always just in pure-fun! I know it’s not feasible to do anything actionable within such a short period of time, so without further ado, my WWDC24 wishlist:


  • “Jet” Electron-like framework (Apple Music)

  • Improved performance for Swift Macros.

  • Observation 2.0 (A given, but what will we see)?

  • More advanced SwiftUI stuff, for making super customized UIs

  • .relativeContentSize can accept floating values, instead of solid integers

  • Improvements for Apple Watch’s Haptics

  • ScrollView Improvements, namely getting the offset of a certain view. //How are we going on year 6 & this still isn’t fixed?

  • SwiftUI Navigation Stack improvements with more customization

  • Massive VisionOS Improvements.

  • Persistent SharePlay Sessions

  • SharePlay &/or another 1st party, real-time connection (I’m talking sub 100 milliseconds)

  • Massive SwiftData Improvements

  • Perf improvements

  • Better handling of a CloudKit entitlement, but local-only persistence.

  • Better debugging tooling

  • Get last sync state, sync progress, etc.

  • ScrollViews W/ performance improvements.


  • Multiple OS Previews (Mac, iOS, Watch) on one Preview

  • Swift-Format lands in Xcode, with more linting?

LLM / AI stuff

  • Xcode, probably ~$10-$50/mo (Apple applied for official documents to sell Xcode as a subscription, many years back. They did the same with Final Cut & Logic Pro, which as we know, is a subscription on iOS/iPadOS)

Xcode Cloud:

  • Easier What to Test flow, for TestFlight builds

  • “What To Test” Markdown support


  • Zenith Typeface

  • New SwiftUI Progressive Blur (Glur)

  • Advanced Bottom Bar API/Customization (Floating bars, etc)

  • Texture APIs for SwiftUI (Noise, gradients (Sports app), etc).

  • SplitScreen API? (Come on Apple, you know people want to multitask)!


  • Frankly a far more stable macOS release. Last year was a disaster.

  • App Shortcuts for macOS

  • Health app for macOS

  • Finder remembers size (Like yester-year, ugh!)

Feedback App

  • Redesigned App/Feedback flow. I know people have been begging for this one, for years.

  • TestFlight Feedback is HARD to find/navigate, & there should be a toggle to force interactions, that must include an email for back & forth support.

App Store Connect

  • App Store Connect is embarrassingly slow.

  • Don’t log me out of ASC every few hours


  • Apple invests more into the AAA gaming space.

  • Home API (Get Temp/Humidity sensor data, etc).

  • Allow other people (Home Admins) to manage the home (Add devices, etc).

  • Easier Apple Business Chat

  • (Better business Email hosting)

  • AI Email Spam filter

  • New Mac Pro Jade-2C die (Exclusive Mac Pro chip, giving it an edge, on the ultra-high end)

    • TB5

    • AV1/C Encoders

I’m sure I missed something… Let me know what you’re most excited for @SENTINELITE on all socials, I’m super responsive! :p

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